What it A/B testing?

Our URL shortener offers A/B testing features, which split the traffic evenly among different pages to determine which one performs better. Lihi.io currently supports up to 12 variants of a page, and one user will only see one version of a page no matter how many times he or she clicks the short URL. Every time you add a new test landing page, you’ll need to reset your data to prevent all traffic from being directed to the new page.

1.When creating a short URL, you can use the Add another URL button to add more test landing page URLs. You can add as many as 12 URL addresses.

(If you want to create A/B test addresses for an existing short URL, just click the Add a testing URL button on the main page.)

2.After clicking Add another URL or Add a testing URL, you will see the window as shown below. Enter your testing page URLs into the URL/Phone fields. (To add more, click Add another URL.)

3.Click Save and you will see a message confirming the update was successful. Click OK.

4.Go back to the main page and click Analytics.
Then click Data Reset to update the setting and ensure that traffic will be directed to the testing pages evenly.