Product advantages

A/B Testing for Pages or Products

Using a link to distribute traffic evenly among multiple pages,
and ultimately determine which page has the best performance based on the conversion results.
The backend link can be replaced, added, or deleted at any time,
while the front-end advertising link never needs to be changed.

Use parameters to track the performance of all influencer bloggers.

The lihi short link can have any parameters added after it,
and these parameters will be recorded in the data analysis.

Assuming this is the short link you created:

You can add anything to the end of the short link, such as: – for the promotion of Eva Hsiao – for the promotion of Jolin Tsai – for the promotion of Jay Chou

The backend data analysis will record how many times each parameter has been clicked (see picture).

Assess the effectiveness of influencers and bloggers with just one short URL, without having to create multiple short URLs for one product.

Blogs can also be used to track the number of clicks for each post.

Short URLs can embed Facebook Pixel/GTM for tracking and retargeting all third-party content traffic.

Short URLs can also include UTM or custom parameters for easier GA tracking.

Custom domain feature increases brand recognition and click-through rates for advertising links.

Your short URL is not limited to or, you can purchase your own domain for your own short URL.

For example: <= This is a short URL created using the system.

In addition to all the original features, the URL part can also be customized to increase click-through rates and recognition.

Workgroup allocation for convenient sharing of one account among all employees within a company.

Powerful browser plugin for creating short URLs without logging in.

Exclusive data encryption technology.

Traditional short URLs can be accessed by anyone by adding .info after the URL.

lihi allows you to customize the password for viewing your own short URL data, so only the password holder can see the data for your short URL.

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