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There are numerous industries eager to use digital marketing to boost their revenue, yet many professionals within these industries are not very familiar with computers or online marketing. is hosting an online course specifically teaching how to create digital business cards and one-page personal websites. This will be a hands-on tutorial covering page setup, image uploads, and some basics of digital marketing, such as distinguishing user sources and interpreting data.

This course will be highly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises and solo professionals in industries such as food and beverage, beauty and hairdressing, tattoo artists, designers, real estate agents, salespersons, and insurance agents, among others.

After the class, you will have a personalized page for your personal brand and some marketing techniques to take away.

If you’ve ever considered building your personal brand or dreamed of having an online platform where customers can easily find you, then this course is tailor-made for you.

Join us now to learn about lihistatus operations and gain valuable marketing insights.

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