HOW DO I USE THE LIHI.IO BROWSER EXTENSION? lihi from the chrome web store. Click add to chrome

2.Make sure that the browser extension has been installed in Chrome and that you can see the icon to the right of the address bar. Log in to your account, or create an account if you haven’t already.

3.Go to the website you want to shorten the URL for, click the icon, and then click Create short URL.

4.You can enter custom tags (optional), click [Parse current URL] to retrieve the URL of the current page, and click [Add a split URL] to create A/B test (redirect test) URLs. (If you don’t need A/B test URLs, skip to Step 5.)

4-1. After clicking [Add a split URL], you can go to other webpages and use the [Parse current URL] button to retrieve more URLs.

5.After you’ve finished adding URLs, click [Submit]. Now you can click [Copy the short URL] to use your short URLs.