1.On the main page, go to Batch Create and click XLXS Template.
2.Follow the template and enter the URLs you want to shorten. When you try to save the file, a warning about losing the formatting may appear – you can ignore this. Make sure you save it as a XLXS file .
3.On the main page, go to Batch Create and click the Batch Create Short URL button.
4.Upload your XLXS file and select the appropriate domain. (If you don’t have a domain, please acquire one first.) Click Save.
A page should appear to tell you the upload was successful. Click OK.
After the update, you will see a Count button under the Hit Data column. Clicking the button will start calculating the data for each short URL.

* You can also click Action to download a report file or other funtion.

* To update the stats before downloading report files, click count. You will see a progress bar while the system is re-calculating. When it’s finished, click Download(Data for bulk-generated short URLs cannot be directly viewed in the dashboard.)